Regenerative Medicine and Sports Acupuncture

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My belief is that musculoskeletal pain and injury is often multi-faceted.   Treating pain and stimulating healing can require separate or different approaches.  Injuries can ultimately be a result of structural weaknesses, misalignment or even movement imbalances that go beyond a simple slip and fall.  Pain itself can have multiple causes; there are different types of pain (ie neurologic, inflammatory, ligamentous, etc).  As such, patients often need a diverse approach and my goal is to help guide this process.

The Balance of Health

Treating any condition usually involves multiple components. While this may be unnecessary at times, such as treating an acute bacterial infection with an antibiotic, many patients I treat have complex conditions with no matching single therapy.  If you’ve essentially been told to take anti-inflammatories, do physical therapy, and live with it, I likely have more options!

Science and Medicine

I love science and medicine, and believe in proven therapies with researched evidence. There is much conflicting research around both pharmaceutical and natural therapies, as well as injections and surgery, which I am always happy to discuss to provide understanding of appropriate use.

Your Health

My foundation for treatment almost always considers your daily habits as the primary influence on your health or dis-ease. We will look at things that impact you daily such as diet, nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, stress and the environment.  If I feel these are primary contributors to your condition, above anatomic or structural pieces, we may choose to prioritize these.



The initial visit typically involves a thorough history, exam, ultrasound imaging when applicable, and consideration of additional lab testing.

The first visit is also important in helping you navigate your treatment options – are there other viable approaches for your condition or should a drug be the first option? Can we utilize prolotherapy, or does the state of your shoulder injury ultimately require surgery? Or is there a combination of therapies that reduces the side effects of the primary medication? I believe as the patient you are empowered by understanding your condition – control should be yours, not the doctor’s (emergent cases aside).

I ultimately treat using a diverse approach that may involve regenerative injection therapies, acupuncture and/or dry needling, kinesiotaping, exercises, supplements, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, bioidentical hormones, or herbs. I will prescribe pharmaceutical drugs when I don’t believe a viable alternative exists, or where the risks of the disease outweighs seeking other treatments. I believe supplements can be extremely helpful and often safer than common drugs, but I still try to limit the number of pills you ultimately have to “pop”.

My foundation for treatment almost always incorporates diet and lifestyle, to begin to modify the habits you do on a daily basis that are the primary influence on your health and disease.

  At times I am able to facilitate full recovery with my treatments alone.  Other times, I will play a specific role, and then help coordinate concurrent or successive treatments such as physical therapy, additional lab testing, other manual therapies (chiropractic, massage), drugs, supplements, or when deemed appropriate, surgery.


Pricing for medical appointments, injection therapies, acupuncture or other treatments vary depending on time and complexity of each visit.  Please contact Elixia Wellness, at 503.232.5653 for details.


I am affiliated directly with some insurance providers and my clinics will assist with billing for such visits if applicable.  Time of service discounts are offered for non-insured clients or those not choosing to utilize coverage.


I offer free, 10 minute phone consults for prolotherapy and PRP procedures to discuss the nature of these as related to your condition.